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How It Works


Create a GiftRound

Create a GiftRound in less than 2 minutes.


Invite Friends or Colleagues to Contribute

Your friends/colleagues can pay safely online and leave a message.


Purchase a Gift

Buy a gift from our retail partners or withdraw it to your bank acccount.

Our gift card range allows you access to 60+ partners

Trusted by our customers & bringing thousands of smiles

Since our first GiftRound in 2018, we have loved helping our customers group collect for gifts

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£10 million+


GiftRound helps employees from these organisations #CelebrateTogether and #ShowTheyCare

Fast & Secure Payments

Keeping things safe & simple.

Our payment provider Mangopay, who are regulated by the FCA, deals with all the transactions. They keep your money safe thanks to their multiple anti-fraud and money laundering prevention tools. You can be sure your GiftRound collection is a safe and secure collection.

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Most common questions about GiftRound

Do I need to create a profile?

If you are setting up a GiftRound then you are required to set up a basic profile. From your profile dashboard, you can create as many GiftRounds as you like, share them with others, change the end date and organise how you'd like to spend your GiftRound.

To contribute do I need to create a profile?

No! If you are contributing into a GiftRound then you are only required to make a contribution with a credit/debit card, provide contact details and leave a comment.Providing contact details is required by GiftRound to ensure compliancy with anti-money laundering directives.  Contact details are not used for marketing purposes unless a contributor actively opts in to receive news and updates from GiftRound.

What happens with my money?

GiftRound have partnered with Mangopay to ensure that all your funds are collected and held securely with a trusted experienced payment partner. GiftRound has no access to your money or credit card details. This leaves us to focus on providing a great GiftRound service and gives you peace of mind that Mangopay have your money held securely.

How do the fees work?

GiftRound has clear and transparent fees:Free to set up a GiftRound,£0.54 Fee (optional) this fee is optional to the contributor and goes towards covering the payment fees for the transaction0% When you choose an e-gift voucher.7.5% Fee If you choose a bank transfer.We are committed to helping teams celebrate together and part of that is regularly reviewing our fees.

How to spend the GiftRound

You can now spend your GiftRound whilst your GiftRound is still open. We have recently launched the GiftRound Store with a range of gifts and cards for you to order. We have partnered with Prezzee, John Lewis & Partners, Waitrose & Partners, Argos and Habitat to offer their e-gift vouchers. You can choose e-gift vouchers or a bank transfer when you 'Make a Payout' at the end of your GiftRound.Please note that if withdrawing money via bank transfer, payment can only be made to the GiftRound organiser’s UK bank account.  This is a requirement of our payment provider to ensure compliancy with the most recent anti-money laundering directives.You can also order a GiftRound card and we'll print all the comments from your contributors inside and pop it in the first class post. We have exciting plans to bring you a broad range of gifts later in the year so follow us on social media to keep up to date with all the GiftRound Store developments.

Ready to make someone smile?

GiftRound makes it easy for colleagues, friends and families to collect money for group gifts.
From farewells to birthdays, teachers' gifts to thank yous and everything in between - create a GiftRound to celebrate together and show you care.

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