Our Vision For Group Gifts

GiftRound is a hassle free solution for your group collection for gifts. We believe in simplicity and productivity whilst celebrating the joy of gifting. We provide an easy to use, secure platform for people to celebrate together and show they care.

Within the core of GiftRound’s DNA is the theme of a Gift That Gives Again. When you create a GiftRound you are helping us to create positive change via the charities we support.



We want to put the fun back into organising gifts for people



Group gifts and collections are part of being in a team that celebrate together and say they care



Take away the fear and risk of losing a collection

Build Lasting Connections

GiftRound was created with the vision of simplifying group collections and making connections. It has grown into a user-friendly community of gift-givers and people who celebrate life together, from any location.

We are already making a small difference and as we grow we are committed to pledging an increasing percentage of our profit to help people in our society that need it the most.


Make A Real Contribution

A GiftRound collection is a cost-effective way of connecting your group or team and providing a solution to giving, in the remote working world we live in. "Nothing of value is free", but we are determined to keep our fees as low as possible which is why we encourage contributors to give a small optional tip when making their contribution.

Our Customers’ GiftRound Stories

Office Manager

I was asked to close my eyes and turn away, so I wouldn’t see my colleague’s contribution to the fund!

Marketing Manager

I often find I’m adding my own money for those who have no cash. Sometimes I am paid back, sometimes I’m not..


I feel bad when colleagues based in different offices can’t contribute to a leaving gift, so I just sign their name on the card instead.

Senior Accountant

I’m sure everyone in the office would love to collect more for people, to celebrate even smaller events, but there’s no real easy way to do it. There are a lot of us!

Finance Manager

The office is big, so actually getting to the staff and asking them for a contribution is really hard. I don’t think people bother because of that.

Office Manager

It can be very awkward, when you know some people don’t want to, or can’t afford to contribute, but feel embarrassed when they’re asked to do so in a busy office.

Office Mum

Sometimes the thing stopping me from starting a GiftRound is that there’s no real place for me to hide the envelope! I’ve tried using folders, ring binders and even sometimes books!

Senior PA

My boss currently owes me £65 that I have contributed into office GiftRound on her behalf. I’m sure she has every intention of paying me back but it’s becoming a bit awkward.

HR Director

When a Christmas party fund, being held in a staff member's personal account, caused us a major headache when she decided to not come back to work.

Ready to make someone smile?

GiftRound makes it easy for colleagues, friends and families to collect money for group gifts.
From farewells to birthdays, teachers' gifts to thank yous and everything in between - create a GiftRound to celebrate together and show you care.

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